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Directory of Violin Makers - International

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This is a directory of talented violin makers throughout the world. To view violin makers from the United States, visit our US violin maker directory. To be considered for addition to this directory, send an e-mail to

Violin Makers in Bulgaria (Bulgarian)

  • Stepan Demirdjian

Violin Makers in Canada (Canadian)

  • Henry Riedstra, Stratford, ON
  • Otis A. Tomas, Nova Scotia
  • T.B. White, British Columbia

Violin Makers in Germany (German)

  • Andreas Hampel
  • Rhein-Main-Geigenbau
  • Aegidius Kloz
  • Sebastian Kloz
  • Karl Hermann (Andreas Morelli)
  • Peter Prier

Violin Makers in Italy (Italian)

Violin Makers in Switzerland (Swiss)

  • Roland Baumgartner
  • Leonhard Pavoni
  • M & M Kuhn
  • Johannes Finkel (bows)

Violin Makers in France (French)

Violin Makers in Hungary (Hungarian)

  • Otto Erdesz

Violin Makers in Austria (Austrian)

  • Johann Christoph Leidolff
  • Joseph Ferdinand Leidolff
  • Johannes Schorn
  • Johann Joseph Stadlmann
  • Jacob Stainer
  • David Tecchler
  • Johann Georg Thir
  • Leopold Widhalm



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