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Answers to Frequent Cello Questions

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The following are answers to frequent questions that are sent to TheViolinSite...

What is the best type of metronome to get?
Seiko Digital Quartz metronomes are the best.  The Seiko 100-88 can be purchased for about $100.  If you are looking for a cheaper metronome, the Qwik Time Quartz metronome works well and can be purchased for about $15. Also, check out our free online metronome.

What type of rosin should be used?
Bernadel rosin is recommended for cellists.  Bernadel can be purchased for about $5.

What type of strings should be on my cello?
The type of strings vary depending on the type of sound you are trying to acheive. However, generally speaking Eva Pirazzi or Vision strings are recommended.

What edition of music should I use?
If at all possible, order Galamian edited music, usually in the international edition.

What recordings are good to listen to?
It is a good idea to listen to and study cello recordings by the older concert artists, (examples coming soon).


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