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cello caseA good cello case will protect the instrument, bow, and other accessories (music, rosin, etc.). Cello cases are made out of a variety of materials from wood to fiberglass to carbon fiber and even kevlar. Soft cases are also not uncommon among amateurs and professionals when weight and transportability are important, or among beginners using smaller, low-end instruments. The design and construction of a cello case depends largely on the purpose for which the case will be used. A "gig bag", for example, will generally be lighter and easier to transport than a more hardy, durable cello case that would be used to transport a cello on an international flight. The five most important things to consider when buying a cello case are: Price, weight, durability, hardware, and suspension.

How much do Cello Cases Cost?

Soft cello cases are typically priced from about $80 to $150, while hard shell cello cases typically start in price at about $450, and the most expensive cases can cost thousands of dollars. A typical hard shell cello case costs from $500 to $1,000. The price is influenced primarily by the materials used in construction and the complexity of the design.

How much does a cello case weigh?

Soft cello cases tend to weigh under five pounds, since they are constructed only of fabric and padding, with minimal hardware and additional components. Hard cello cases typically weigh closer to twenty pounds, although some lightweight hard cases can weigh half that.

How durable is a cello case?

The durability of a cello case is primarily a function of the construction of the outer shell. Soft cello bags are typically made of nylon and/or super-durable Cordura fabric. Hard shell cello cases in the past were traditionally constructed of wood, but are now more commonly constructed of fiberglass, using injection-molding or similar production techniques. Carbon fiber is also coming into use for exterior shell construction because of its high tensile strength and light weight. With interior materials, look for plenty of padding and tear-resistant, soft inner fabrics. It is important that that interior materials of the cello case be soft enough to cushion and protect the cello, but durable enough that they won't tear easily.


The clasps, rings, and hinges of the case must perform well. Easy-flip latches that allow for one-handed closure add a measure of convenience to the cello case, while latches that are too large can become unwieldy. Sturdy hinges allow the case to open and close thousands of times, fitting perfectly every time, while a cello case with flimsier hinges and/or a less rigid shell will require you to take care to line the edges of the case up every time you close it. Poor quality hinges also have been known to come apart and completely wear out over time, which causes the cello case to stand off-balance when open, if it stands at all. Some cello cases also come equipped with wheels for easier transporting.


Most cello cases come equipped with thick foam padding that suspends the cello inside the case. This will come in handy if the instrument is ever dropped or bumped, absorbing the shock that would otherwise be transferred to the cello itself. Suspension varies from practically nonexistent, where the cello simply rests against the fabric of the interior of the case, to extremely thick, where several inches of padding separate the cello from the interior wall of the case.

Cello Cases from

black cello case
Bellafina 4/4 Size Cello Case

Bellafina makes hard shell case at a reasonable price. This case has three handles, backpack/shoulder straps, embedded wheels and an additional foam block that can be added for a secure fit.

cello bag
Bellafina Deluxe Cello Bag

This cello bag is a good option for light-weight protection for your case that is also very affordable. Includes 20mm padding, large luggage-grade zippers, and a tough, moisture-resistant fabric exterior.

bobelock cello case
Bobelock Fiberglass Cello Case

Bobelock is one of the most popular cases for the cello and are known to be well-made. It features a handle in the rear portion of head, a shoulder strap, and two bow holders.



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